Posted by: Jo | February 18, 2023

The Majesty Of God

“O, Lord. Our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth.

(Psalm 8: 1)

Just recently one of my friends had a trip of a lifetime, she was able to travel to one of the most Northern parts of Canada to see the Northern lights. She had dreamed of doing this since she was a little girl and suddenly a chance to do this came up and she lived her dream. She kept me posted with photos of her exciting time and a particular one overwhelmed me with its beauty and actually made me recite this verse as I took in this splendor. 

“O, Lord, our Lord how majestic is your name in all the earth.” (Psalm 8: 1)

Then it surprised me when our songs at our church that next Sunday morning, contained this same theme of God showing his majesty through nature. One song said these words. 

I see your smile in every sunrise. 

I see your love in every starry night. 

Here in Vancouver, Canada, we are surrounded with examples of God’s majesty, our backdrop is mighty mountains, that sparkle with snow in the winter, the city is built beside the majestic ocean with its own special beauty, beautiful forests cover our mountains, mighty eagles fly through the air, little tiny humming birds entrance us with the constant flapping of their wings, the majesty of the Creator is evident.

Scripture acknowledges this Majesty and David begins Psalm 19 with realizing that nature is expressing this by declaring it. 

“The heavens declare the glory of God, the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech, night after night they display knowledge.” (Psalm 19: 1 – 2)

The majesty of God brings awe and respect, but also instils in us a sense that his presence is constantly with us all, but sometimes we forget to acknowledge this and take what we see for granted. There is a common saying in our society, “stop and smell the roses”, this is also good advice for our spiritual health. Life can become very frantic sometimes with pressure of work, family commitments, just fitting in our daily schedule, but the beauty of nature can release this stress, we need to take time to recognize  the majesty of God in what surrounds us. Next time we see the sunrise, don’t see it as a command t leap out of bed and begin the daily grind, but marvel at the beautiful colors and feel the warmth of his smile. 

I love these verses in Job, where The Lord God, after Job has been complaining and moaning, shows him how creation was made by him with great joy and reveals his majesty. 

“Who marked off its dimensions? Surely you know. Who stretched a measuring line across it? On what were its footings set or who laid it’s cornerstone while the morning stars sang together and all the angels shouted with joy.” (Job 38: 4 – 7)

Lovely to think of this the next time we see the twinkling stars and marvel at God’s majesty. 


  1. Your words remind me Jo of the one good thing that seems to have come from Covid! So many say they are listening to birdsong more, watching the leaves dance in the breeze and spending more time just enjoying God’s creation. It is an ill wind….they say. Your city sounds beautiful Jo. May we all follow your advice, slow down and praise God in his creation. Thank you.


  2. Thank you Jo. Sometimes we do forget to “smell the roses 🥀 “.


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