I am a committed follower of Jesus Christ and have been married 58 years to an also committed believer.  We were both born in Australia, but have travelled extensively and have lived in many different parts of the world.  We now live in Vancouver B.C.  We have four daughters, six granddaughters and a grandson.  I was trained as a school teacher and when we moved to Canada, I studied and graduated from Regent College Theology School @ U.B.C. Vancouver B.C.  I love God’s word; leading Bible studies; telling others of the Saviour’s great love for them.


  1. Thank you Jo for visiting my blog. Great to meet someone who loves God and loves His Word.
    God’s richest blessings to you!

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    • Thank you, Jo, for liking the post “A New Beginning” at my blog, “Learning From God’s Word.” God bless you and make you a blessing to many.


  2. Hi Jo, so good to meet a Aussie again on the Blogs, although I love the Americans they are indeed such thoughtful and caring people, I can talk freely with you about things we have in common because we are Aussies without too much explanation but then when it comes to being in the Body of Christ it does not matter where we live, when we are in Unity with Him and have His mind.

    Thank you Jo for visiting our Blog, Ron enjoyed his visit and I will seek to catch up with your Posts today.

    Christian Love Anne.


    • Thank you, Anne for contacting me and I will enjoy reading your future posts .
      Blessings Jo


  3. Hi Jo so good to meet yet another Christ Follower,you have a beautiful place of sharing. Thanks for stopping in at my place and hooking up with me,do have a lovely weekend.
    Love you 😀


  4. Jo, it is so good to find you here. I thought I was the only older woman on line. I will look forward to reading your blog. You may live in Canada, but our hearts are in the same place. ~ In HIs Grace, Fran


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