Posted by: Jo | December 14, 2018

Who Do You Say I am?

““But what about you,” he said. “Who do you say I am?””

(Matthew 16: 15)

WhoAmI01The Christmas season has started with a blast of activities and shops filled with all the glitz of decorations and huge ads urging us all to buy, buy, buy! Our city begins the festivities with a huge Santa Parade down the main streets on, ironically God’s day, a Sunday morning in early December. I was amazed to see on the television the crowds of people, rugged up from the cold, lining the streets.  One of the commentators spied two little girls, hopping up and down with excitement and peering anxiously down the street. He asked them who were they waiting for and they both shrieked, Santa!!  I was suddenly overcome with sadness that this incredible moment of time, when God became man, in the form of a baby who was to be the Saviour of the world, had been forgotten and replaced by some jolly fat figure in a red suit.

Perhaps if the commentator had asked the little girls who Jesus was, they may have replied, that he is that little baby in the straw, hardly comparable with big fat jolly Santa.

The shepherds knew who that little baby was, because the angels told them, and they ran to find and worship him;

“Today in the town of David a Saviour has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.” (Luke 2: 11)

WhoAmI02The Magi knew who he was because they were following the star also to find and worship him, the king of the Jews, and they asked King Herod where he was;

“Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews? We saw his star in the east and have come to worship him.” (Matthew 2: 2)

When Jesus asks his disciples who they think he is, Peter boldly proclaims the truth that had been revealed by the Father in heaven;

“Simon Peter answered.  “You are the Christ, the son of the living God.”” (Matthew 16: 16)

The incredible birth of Jesus has been turned into a sweet story of a little baby being made to sleep in a manger with the livestock because the inn was overcrowded, undermining the true meaning of this miraculous gift of a Saviour, to all mankind.

When we look at all the displays of Nativity scenes, this Christmas, if we listen carefully, we will all hear that soft whisper,

Who do you say I am?




  1. Dear Jo, your words here have really made me think about the birth of Jesus which you describe as the miraculous gift of a Saviour to all the world. I see from the words you quote from the Gospel accounts that the shepherds and the wise men were looking for a king of the Jews, a saviour for the people of Israel. He gradually showed himself to be the One who would lead every one of us – from every tribe and nation on earth – to his Father and ours. Thank you Jo.

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  2. Thank you Jo. Sadly, the true message of Christmas is not heard over the hype.

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