Posted by: Jo | September 16, 2016

A Beautiful Thing

“… She has done a beautiful thing to me.”

(Mark 14: 6)

beautifulthing02A beautiful thing. The word beautiful conjures up many images and perhaps nature springs to mind when we think of the astounding beauty found in majestic mountain peaks to tiny perfect little flowers nestled in the grass. Perhaps gazing at a little baby fills us with wonder at the beauty of the human form, but the word beautiful can also be attributed to an action and I was struck by this while reading the story of Jesus being anointed and how Jesus describes the woman’s gracious, generous breaking of the alabaster jar and pouring the expensive perfume over his head;

She has done a beautiful thing to me

People witnessing this did not agree with him and grumbled about the waste of money and how the money could be put to better use, but Jesus was not adding up the cost of the perfume, he was talking about the woman’s heart and what prompted her to perform such a loving gesture. This is what transformed the act into a beautiful thing.

Jesus adds another very important message to the crowd who were watching his reaction to the woman anointing his head and a wonderful message for all of us who love the Lord Jesus Christ.

“She did what she could…” (Mark 14: 8)

beautifulthing01Sometimes we may wonder if we can contribute anything to furthering the kingdom or spreading the good news to others. If we begin to compare ourselves to others who are being lauded for great missionary work or others whose oratory draws hundreds to listen, or those whose books everybody wants to read, we feel useless and unworthy to be called children of God. Jesus was making it quite clear this was not true.  It is just a matter of doing what we can!

Jesus emphasises this in the parable of the sheep and the goats and points out that the smallest of loving actions made in his name will certainly noted by the Heavenly Father;

“The King will reply, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”  (Matthew 25: 40)

So “doing a beautiful thing” takes on a whole different meaning for all of us when we hear Jesus’ words. He knows our various limitations. He knows our gifts. He knows that when we exercise those gifts in his name, we bring him the glory.  beautifulthing03It may be befriending a lonely neighbour, being patient with a difficult co-worker, visiting a shut in, comforting a friend struggling with self worth.  God is not expecting us to take on mighty tasks we are not capable of doing. We only need to do what we can, in his name, and then it becomes a beautiful thing.

How lovely it will be to hear these words

Well done good and faithful servant. You did what you could!




  1. A beautiful thing was done for George recently by perfect strangers who were doing what they could. Good and faithful servants. Thanks Jo.

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  2. The beautiful actions are often the spontaneous ones,I think, as here when the woman breaks the precious jar. You encourage us Jo to be generous in response to those we love and who need us. Mary and I have a sick friend who needs us very much now. May we find ways to please her. Your words will help her as well as us.

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