Posted by: Jo | February 13, 2015

What Can I Do?

“…The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.”

(James 5:16)

image World news has become so filled with stories of mankind’s brutality that watching the coverage of all these outrages leaves one feeling hopeless and filled with despair. Not only the world news is filled with horror, local stories that fill our newspapers are graphic accounts of injustices and the lists go on and on. Many of us have our own trials to grapple with and being aware of so much sorrow surrounding us as well, over whelms us and we are tempted to cry;


When we know and love the Lord there is a wonderful answer to that question. We have access to the ear of the Creator of the universe and Scripture tells us that prayer is a powerful weapon against evil. The answer is;


My husband and I found early on in our Christian walk that praying together every morning was a wonderful way to start our day. The pace of life has become busier and busier and often I hear Christians bemoan the fact that between, working, shopping, exercising, housework, there is no time to pray. imageThen we need to be ingenious in spending that time in prayer during our everyday tasks. I have a great example of this within my own family.  One of my daughters had an appointment with the dentist and she was not looking forward to it as he had booked two hours for the procedure. She was sharing this dread with me so I said, “That would be good time to spend in prayer.” I was delighted to learn afterwards that she had taken my advice and found not only how soothing the prayer was for her, but an answer to a problem became clear to her during the prayer time.

The psalmists had great confidence in the Lord not only hearing their prayer, but had great confidence he would act on it.

“The Lord has heard my cry for mercy; the Lord accepts my prayer.” (Psalm 6:9)

Jesus encouraged his disciples to be diligent in prayer and gave them and us a beautiful model to follow for our own prayer life in what we call “The Lord’s Prayer”. Unfortunately too often we repeat the familiar words without thinking of their real meaning.

While I was asking myself about what I could do about atrocities across the world, two sentences of the Lord’s Prayer came into my mind;

“Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10 KJV)

Imagine God’s kingdom spreading and overcoming the hate filled areas of the world. Imagine mankind practising God’s will instead of the self centered imposing of man’s will. We can pray for that to happen. I find if you choose a country, a situation that grieves you, a personal problem you know about and consistently pray those words, you are joining your words with countless others and we can be confident that our prayers will be heard.

image When to pray. Most of us have tight time schedules, but when we seriously look at our days we will be surprised at how many little openings we have. Lots of people sing in the shower. What better time to pray instead. Driving to work. Leave the radio off, talk to God instead. Waiting rooms. Don’t read the outdated magazines, speak to your Heavenly Father. Running on the tread mill. Leave off the ear phones, contact the Lord instead. Of course we all still need that special time of uninterrupted prayer, but when we choose to make prayer a vital part of our everyday life we will boldly answer, I know what I can do.


Paul’s advice to the Thessalonians was this;

“Pray without ceasing.” (1 Thessalonians 5:17 KJV)


  1. The Lord has certainly given you the gift of knowing His words Jo and being able to use them in a reminder that He wants to hear from us !


  2. Thanks, Jo – great ideas and reminders.


  3. Your words are so encouraging Jo. Mary and I are on the Gold Coast enjoying “schoolies week” with our little group. We can make our happy times – as well as our worrying times – a prayer by lifting our hearts in prayer as you explain so beautifully.


  4. Thank you for the great reminder that prayer and the ability to come before our Heavenly Father is one of His sweetest gifts to us.


  5. Thank you, Jo. Today’s reminder will give me the boost I need to face today’s challenges. what a gift we have in prayer, probably the best one,


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