Posted by: Jo | October 17, 2014

Finding Rest For Our Souls

“Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”
(Matthew 11:29)

image One of the favourite T.V. programs my husband and I like to watch is, “National Geographic” We love the exotic places it takes us to, and the wonderful insight into the lives of wild animals it provides. I love the tender moments of the mothers with their young, but what often stays with me after the programme finishes is, the terrible battle of survival that permeates these wild creatures’ lives. They have to be always on guard for the predator that fancies them for a tasty meal, as well as having to spend most of the day finding food for themselves. I am also sorry for the males who have to have those terrible battles to remain in charge of the herd. There doesn’t seem to be any time in their lives to just enjoy being themselves. The programme we were watching just recently showed a startlingly different story. It was filming a Wild Life Sanctuary where animals that had been orphaned, or that had been badly hurt and found by people, were being cared for and restored to health. What struck me was how different the demeanor of these animals appeared to be. Fear of any form had been banished, worry of where to find food had disappeared. They seemed to be at peace.

I was thinking about that word, “sanctuary” and the programme that we had watched when I came across this verse;

“I will make a covenant of peace with them; it will be an everlasting covenant. I will establish them and increase their numbers, and I will put my sanctuary among them forever.” (Ezekiel 37:26)

image I suddenly became aware of what the Lord was offering to us, his children. He was providing a safe sanctuary for us where we could run from all the trials of our everyday lives and have our very souls rested and restored by being in his presence. We often assume that a sanctuary is to be found in a church and represents some physical structure, but I believe the Lord was providing a much more accessible place which we could access easily, any time anywhere, any place we found ourselves to be. All we need to do is to call on his name and he will welcome us into his presence, his sanctuary, that he has promised will be available for ever to those who seek him. His sanctuary is simply being with him.

David was bewildered by all the evil that surrounded him and all the perplexities of life (that still in our present day assail us) and felt that it was only when he entered the Lord’s sanctuary and laid it all before him, did he grasp any peace or understanding of the life swirling around him.

“When I tried to understand this, it was oppressive to me till I entered the sanctuary of God; and I understood their final destiny.” (Psalm 73:16 – 17)

image David is setting before us a wonderful solution to dealing with all our fears, all our doubts that would rob us of peace and joy. We need to access that sanctuary that is open 24 hours every day and accept Jesus’ beautiful offer to find rest for our souls.

I often think the old hymns put it so simply like this old favourite

What A Friend We Have In Jesus

What a friend we have in Jesus

All our sins and griefs to bare

What a privilege to carry

Everything to God in prayer.


  1. Thanks Jo. I wonder how much less depression there would be in this world if His sanctuary was embraced. God bless, Mary.


  2. I love this Blog Jo ! I always considered Gods sanctuary as being in our own heart once we give it to the Lord! I am so humbled for his protection and love!


  3. Beautifully said!


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