Posted by: Jo | July 13, 2012

Banishing Fear in Our Lives

Face to Face with Jesus (Part 4 of 10)

“ .. Don’t be afraid; just believe” (Mark 5:36)

imageOur story today begins with a crowd scene. I have never been comfortable being surrounded by mobs of people, being short in stature, I always begin to panic when I can only see bodies in front of me and if I’m unable to see where I am going I imagine just slipping underneath everybody and nobody noticing. So I have great admiration for the lady in our story who braved a crowd of people, driven to desperation by a long history of problem bleeding, in her quest to reach Jesus. Equally desperate is a panic stricken Father who also struggles through the crowd hoping against hope that Jesus can heal his dying daughter.

Their story is found in Mark 5:21 – 43….

The father, Jairus a ruler in the synagogue, is the first to reach Jesus. We are startled to see him fall at Jesus’ feet. This is a man who commands respect in the Jewish community and yet we see him lose all sense of his own dignity as he implores Jesus to come and place his healing hands on his daughter. What a beautiful example of selfless parent love, only his daughter was of supreme importance at that moment. Perhaps we have felt that same terror of realising we are in a situation completely out of our control and yet Jairus’ words to Jesus are confident ones, confident that Jesus can bring about healing and then imagine his joy as Jesus turns to go with him.

Meanwhile our exhausted lady reaches Jesus, but she is too timid to speak to him, knowing firstly she is a woman and then secondly because of her condition, considered to be unclean, so she tentatively touches his cloak. imageImmediately she realises something amazing has taken place in her body, at the same time she is filled with fear as Jesus calls her to his side, but Jesus’ incredible gift to her is not only healing, but the gift of peace, fear now banished.

“…Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.” (Mark 5:34)

The story now takes a dramatic turn. Jairus hears the worst news a parent could hear. He is told his precious daughter has died. Jesus ignores the messengers and turns to Jairus and utters some of his most endearing words to not only Jairus, but to all of us who have come on after,

“…Don’t be afraid; just believe” (Mark 5:36)

Several months ago I was conducting a Bible study with a group and this was the passage we were studying. That evening one of our members had a very scary experience with her heart wildly beating and had to go immediately to the nearest emergency. Panic overtook her as she listened to the doctors deciding what they would do. When they all left the room briefly, suddenly into her mind came the beautiful verse we had all just read in the morning, “Don’t be afraid; just believe” She began to repeat these words over and over to herself and slowly she felt her heart return to its regular beat and when the doctors returned they were amazed to find her quite relaxed and her heart normal. They had no explanation why this was so, but she did.

The final beautiful ending of our story takes imageplace in Jairus’ home. When we picture that little girl’s bedroom being transformed from one of sadness and mourning, to joy and great rejoicing, we get a glimpse of the incredible promise for all of us who belong to the Lord. Imagine that little girl opening her eyes and being helped up by, the hand of Jesus, to new life. She came face to face with Jesus and that is the promise we can all look forward to when we go to join him. Fear is banished in the assurance of his everlasting love.

Personal Reflection

Both the woman who needed healing and Jairus were desperate and fearful, how does this story encourage you in any situation you are experiencing?

How can we banish fear from our lives by listening to Jesus’ words to the woman, “…Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.”?

Next week we linger at the well in the heat of the day and meet another desperate parent.


  1. Thanks for a ggreat read


    • Thank you


  2. I really enjoyed this one Mum. I will take it with me this week – especially if someone special decides to make his debut.


  3. Beautiful reminder Jo ! How comforting it is to know the Lord!
    much love Jennifer


  4. Very comforting!!! Ruby


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