Posted by: Jo | January 13, 2012

Dressed Ready For Service

“Rather, clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ…..” (Romans 13:14)

When I was a young girl I often heard the expression, “clothes maketh the man”, I imagecould never quite understand what it meant until I grew older and realised that there was a certain amount of truth in that statement. The Media and the gossip magazines flaunt the expensive clothing of the rich and famous implying that the clothing signifies success in some form. If one is in doubt as to what to wear to that Charity Fund Raiser, somebody will shop with you, for a fee. At the other end of the scale is a very compassionate organisation, “Dress For Success”, that helps low income or disadvantaged women with free business clothes, complete with accessories, to help with interviews for jobs. They even help with clothes after the coveted job is obtained. They have realised the truth that yes how we are dressed does really matter. Clothing can also distinguish a certain occupation. A policeman’s uniform signals that help is at hand when one needs it. We are all pleased to see the airplane pilot arrive in official uniform complete with imagehis wings, knowing he is well trained to take us up safely into the sky and to return us safely to the ground. Wearing exactly the same clothing can bring about a feeling of unity. We see how proudly our sporting teams wear their jerseys and even adoring fans wear the same garments emblazoned with the team logos to show their support. We especially see this during the Olympic Games when to be dressed in one’s country’s distinguishing colours is a sought after honour. So what could Paul possibly mean when he urges us to be clothed with the Lord Jesus Christ?

If clothing distinguishes us in the secular world what then can distinguish us as followers of Jesus Christ? We use the word, “wear”, in conjunction with clothing, but we also use it to describe feelings, attitudes and appearances. e.g. “he wore an injured look” “he was wearing a big grin” “she wore her grief bravely” These words from the letter to the Colossians give us some big hints as to how to wear our team colours,

“Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” (Colossians 3:12)

When we realise that we are a part of a imagechosen team, seeking to be recognised as such, requires us to don the appropriate uniform so we bring credit to the one who has chosen us and to draw others to him.

So when we visit our spiritual cupboard before setting out for the day we have a wonderful selection from which to choose. We can choose to exhibit compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience and if we want our whole being covered by God’s grace, there is one more piece of spiritual clothing that will keep all the others looking fresh all day,

“..the garment of praise..” (Isaiah 61:3)

Truly then we will be dressed ready for service.


  1. Yet another practical interpretation of God’s word – wonderful!


  2. I love this one Jo,
    we do tend to put emphasis on how we dress and yet that is not how people remember us! Do I remember what any one of our group
    was wearing last week? No!
    However , I do remember the compassion felt wonderful, the kindness warm, the gentleness loving ,and the patience we were clothed in as a group in the Lords name most definately memorable.Thank you Jo
    Much love Jennifer


  3. Excellent images and examples to help mentally picture putting on and wearing the characteristics of Christ. Thanks


  4. Thanks again Jo. Only today did Bonnie help me go through my cupboard, to pass on ,or get rid of clothing I don’t need. I hope we chose well!
    Lots of love and God bless.


  5. I loved your message!
    A recent situation at the office knocked me off the beam of balance where I fell into the trap of “dissension and jealousy” (Romans 13:13). I immediately sought godly counsel as we are instructed to do. Three wise ones suggested that I face the situation and speak the truth. Easy for them to say, but I was the one who had to face Goliath! I searched through God’s word and HE provided instructions – not only for this situation, but His instruction to address a long-standing pattern that has held me hostage for years. So, I went to “my (prayer) closet” and dressed for success with Psalm 13. I prepared for a potential storm by putting on Ephesians 6:10-18 and then for good measure, Romans 12. Faith conquered fear! A new life began…


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