Posted by: Jo | July 1, 2011

True Freedom

In the beginning of July, nationalism begins to surge through the hearts of those who live in North America. On the 1st July, Canadians celebrate Canada day. In the United States Independence Day is celebrated on the 4th July. Both national anthems have a central theme. In O Canada the national song emphasizes the thought that this country is, “the true North strong and free”. In the United States the voices in the Star Spangled Banner proclaim, “O’er the land of the free

Freedom is an incredible privilege which we sometimes overlook, especially if we have never experienced living in a country that does not enjoy what we have in North America.

And yet despite of all our freedom, many of us enslave ourselves by our choices, our pursuits and even our pasts. We can become entrapped by what society tells us is important. Climbing that corporate ladder, having that beautiful home, and the stress of competing with our neighbors to be the most successful one can surround us with walls just like a prison. Time becomes a means to an end and not something to be enjoyed.

We can also become slaves to our perception of ourselves, shackled by negative thoughts about how inferior we are compared to others, never being able to throw away those black thoughts that hinder us from reaching our full potential.

We can be chained to bitterness over a disagreement or some slight that has never been resolved and worry can be a cruel robber of our freedom.

It takes quite a bit of courage to claim that freedom that is so freely offered in scripture, in Psalms 118:5 we read,

“In my anguish I cried to the Lord, and he answered by setting me free”

But the relief of throwing off everything that entangles us is so liberating we wonder why we were ever held captive by such destructive forces.

Jesus offers us abundant freedom.

“If you hold to my teaching you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free” – John 8:32

True freedom lies in the joy of following Jesus.


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  2. Congratulations, Jo, on your new blogsite. May God open many doors through it for the Gospel.

    Blessings, Ed Hird+


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