Posted by: Jo | June 22, 2011

Encourage One Another

“Therefore encourage each other with these words” – 1 Thessalonians 4:18

How do we take hold of that beautiful word “encourage” and use it to strengthen our families, our friends, and our church family?

The word, or forms of the word, is used over 60 times in scripture and especially in the N.T. where struggling little communities were beset with all sorts of problems from false teaching to deceiving spirits…

Paul on writing to the Romans recognized how we all need this;

“that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith” – Romans 12:8

Paul realized that Timothy and Titus needed constant encouragement so the Pastoral letters were sent to bolster his young charges. How can we encourage each other?

Let us begin by building up our faith within our church family.

  1. If the sermon spoke to you in a special way, thank our pastor.
  2. If you enjoyed the worship music tell the musicians / singers
  3. Was coffee ready after church? Tell the coffee makers you appreciate their service.
  4. Have you discovered who sets up the chairs? Thank them for being so willing
  5. Did the reader read God‘s word with sensitivity? Praise them for their efforts.
  6. Look around closely on a Sunday morning. Allow the Lord to show you who may need a special word of encouragement.

One of the churches I attended, encouraged their congregation to take the time to post a card to tell others how much they were valued.

Paul speaks about encouragement as being a special gift. Let us be generous with this gift. Use the same formula at home. How often do we notice the extra care our husbands or wives go to please us? Encourage them by thanking them. Be constantly aware of how children, especially teenagers need that word that will give them a sense of being loved and appreciated. Let us all ask God to give us this gift so we can heed Paul’s words:

“if it is encouraging let him encourage” – Romans 12:8


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  2. Thank you, Dear Friend,
    I especially value your comments!!!


  3. God tossed out His fishing line through your article. He then gentle reeled me closer. Thank you for your encouragement: first through your article, then by HIS word. What a marvellous thing to see your teachings in print again. GOD bless everyone!


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